Memories: An Autobiography 

The Author: Mem Fox

Main characters in the book: Mem Fox, Malcolm Fox ( Mem Fox’s husband ) and her parents ( Nancy Brown & Wildrid McDonald )

What happened in the story: Actually Mem Fox was a good writer who won many awards since her childhood until she became old!. After her childhood, her parents wanted her to go to the university but she went to drama school. She wanted to become an actress. So she joined the drama school instead. She had written many and many book and some of them was from children and some of them was for adults. 

Where did the story happened: The story happened among  Melbourne, Australia , Zimbabwe, Africa and England (London).

Why did I choose this book: I chose this book because I’m as a one who likes to write, I was excited to know about this great writer who has  got  a lot of achievements in spite of her  writing which was stopped !!. 

I enjoyed the sequence of events and also I enjoyed her determination to get these dreams come true. 

I’d recommend all my classmates and every one who is interested in writing to read this book. 😊